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It's fast, easy, and affordable to get a professional voiceover created. Here's how!

Pick Your Voice!™

Pick Your Voice!™

Browse through our large selection of 150+ professional voice actors and listen to their audio samples. Our system makes this really easy - just mouse over any actor's photo or name or click "Play Audio Sample." When you've found the perfect voice for your project, Pick Your Voice™ by clicking "Add To Cart."

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Complete Our Easy Order Form.

Our Voiceover Order Form is so easy and simple that it literally takes only minutes to complete. Just send us your script, and a few other details, and complete our secure checkout through PayPal. That’s how quick and easy it is to order a voiceover at VoiceGarden!

Receive Voiceover Samples.

Receive Your Voiceover via Email.

After we receive your order, your voiceover will be recorded by the professional voice actor that you've chosen. Most orders are completed within 24-48 hours. When your voiceover is done, we will email it to you in MP3 format!

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