About Us

VoiceGarden™ was founded in Orange County, California by owner Keith Gilbert in 2013. An entrepreneur since childhood, Keith has launched multiple businesses and other ventures during his career. In his entrepreneurial activities in other businesses, Keith would often hire voiceover artists for promotional materials and videos.

Intrigued with the voiceover industry, he saw room for improvement and innovation and dreamed of a new voiceover marketplace… one that would ensure that businesses and organizations would get the exact voice that fit their projects, but also one that would guarantee prompt payment and less upfront investment for voice actors.

Keith Gilbert

“I saw that there wasn’t anything that was desirable for both the voice actor and the business or organization requesting the voiceover. All the options were either negative for the voice actor (too expensive of site membership or too low of pay) or negative for the business or organization (not providing enough choice and customization to the project). I knew there could be something better. That’s why I founded VoiceGarden.”
‐ Keith Gilbert, VoiceGarden Founder

Thus, VoiceGarden was born. VoiceGarden allows any business, organization, or individual to get professional voice overs from any of the 150+ voice actors listed on the site, all at an affordable rate. For voice actors, VoiceGarden never charges expensive yearly membership fees, and actors don't have to audition for any projects - they only receive work when they are selected for a project.

Try VoiceGarden. We think you’ll like it! If you are looking to get a voiceover done, browse through our selection of 150+ voice actors now.